Juno from Juno’s Place-Giving Animals a Voice

The winner of our “Giving Animals a Voice” photo contest, Juno, tells us a little about her life and what she is doing to help animals in need!
I take my roll in animal rescue very seriously, since if it wasn’t for rescue….I would not be here today!
I was only a few months old when my mom got me, full of phenomia and barely hanging on.
Mommy was my 24/7 caregiver and took me everywhere with her.
 After a lot of care, I got better.
I am one of the lucky ones, many are not so lucky as in my short three years of life I have learned.

Every dog deserves a break!

Even my big brother Zeus was a rescue, who was beaten in the head and stoned, and noone wanted anything to do with him, we took him in and made him part of our pack. Sadly he passed away 2/9/12 after only two years with us.
Mom and I would not have changed that time for the world, effects from his injury caused him alot of problems, but he was my brother and never held a grudge to humans for what they did to him.

My big brother, Zeus

Normally, my mom rescues abandon and abused cats, and let me tell you….you can see things on the news or in posts on facebook that happen all around the world…but mom and I aren’t all around the world, we are right here on the streets of Worcester Mass.

Checking in some new kittys

Me, chilling with some friends

People tend to think kitties are disposable, and if they have claws they can survive out on their own.
But with the way the world is, its not only cars and coyotes these kitties have to worry about….its Humans!
Humans can be so cruel to innocent animals, and I find them sickly creative in the ways they can dream up to hurt these furbabies!

This poor kitty was attacked by a dog!


So its our mission to rescue, find homes for the adoptables and peace for the suffering…I have cleaned and groomed my fair share of kittens, and spent many sleepless nights next to an ailing fur friend, it is my calling!

Kitty trying to nurse on me!

Kitty kisses

We feel that every animal deserves a second chance, though many don’t agree…
Daily we hear ” it’s just an animal” , “Why bother, it’s not worth it”
To me none are just animals and it is worth it, even if only I can offer my comfort and support in the final moments of life, they all deserve to feel loved.
There is also no better feeling when a “Throw Away” or “Street Cat” finds a FUREVER home, and knowing I was a part of that….it’s awesome!

Me and Dutchess checking on a sick kitty

I have my paws in a little of everything, its not only rescue..
I try to educate about Spay/Neuter , and teach people the difference between feral and free roaming cats, and how managed colonies can bring so much to the urban fabic of our City.
I work against BSL, some of my best friends are Pitbulls, and when raised be responisable owners can be wonderful family members and companions.

Me and my best pitbull buddy, Nikki

One group of animals that always tug at my little heart are the seniors, Just as our senior citizens are sometimes disregarded or brushed aside, so too are senior pets. Five million dogs are killed years in shelters accross the US and it’s the older generation that goes first. Maybe you are reluctant to adopt a senior because you fear that your time with your new best friend will be short, bringing that painful time of loss closer. But the privilege of loving a senior makes every single day special, as you and your companion share love, friendship, and a special relationship that grows stronger with the knowledge that you have given this fine animal a second chance at life.

My mom and a sweet, senior kitty

Old or young…Rescued is my favorite breed…While you weigh the risks and benefits of adopting an animal, take a moment to ponder the power of adopting a shelter pet. If you have the opportunity and resources to enhance the rest of a animals life, embrace it with both arms.
And please take time to teach children respect for the animals, Fur and feathered….We all live on this earth together and We all deserve to live out our lives with dignity, love and respect.
I am Juno and this is how I live my life….  

Moms favorite picture, me at the top of the cat tree

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  1. Reblogged this on Wisconsin Chihuahua Rescue, Inc. and commented:
    A blog at Finding Furever from our buddy Juno at Juno’s Place! She even talks about her love for seniors. Something tells me she was thinking about her pal Winnie when she wrote that 🙂

  2. Oh Juno and Deb, we love you both…..We are so proud to be your co-advocates and friends….what you feel in your hearts is a gift from God…please just keep doing what you do and we will try to follow in your footsteps….we feel this in our hearts too and to see it in others is such a comfort……Our Pack is growing and this gives us hope…..thank you and much love…Rhonda, Emma, Jet and Muttley and Bobby too 🙂

  3. Juno is one of my most favorite dogs. She and her mama gots such big hearts, and they does so many good works together, and I is very proud to know her. Keep fighting the good fight, Juno!

  4. I love your smile Juno! It makes me all warm and fuzzy. *kitty kisses* Great job. I really enjoyed reading your blog. xo Your furiend, Silas

  5. nancy

     /  May 27, 2013

    juno and deb are angels sent from heaven to do good for all animals in need. im so proud to know them. i love you both. keep up the good work. there is a special place in heaven for you<3

  6. Love you guys on FB and follow always not even realizing we are Worcester folks and neighbors! You’re a dolly Juno!


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